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18th soon, booya!

So yeap, my 18th is soon and i thought i'd ask the *cough* not so *cough* general public that isnt' furrys on idea for what to do :P
Being as i didn't really do anything on my 16th apart from... uh.. i think work and same on my 17th, i though't ill go to town and just go nuts xD

So ideas i has so far is

Poll #1314128 My 18th!

What should Paws do?!

Limo with friends to a nightclub and party the f**k down
Limo to a nice place for food and stuff
Limo (yes i like limos) to somewhere, you say :P
Get wasted somewhere with friends
Stay indoors and just do nothing
Work like the last... 2 years of my b'days..
Feel free to comment on your own, i really dunno what to do but i want something big :P (no not like the spoil kids on "My super gay i mean sweet 16")


Got L4D?

Left 4 dead, anyone got it on pc?
If so hit me up for a few games, looking for people to go take down a few maps on expert! MWAH

Still waiting on money for RBW. full suit will be finished in time (Halo <33333) so im rather excited about that, Buuuuut like everything theres a downside. I gotta find £70 for the hotel, £50 for the rest of the suit... i beleive its 50, and a metric ton of cash for booze, food and Razak cause i owe him like a whole f**king bar!

Any room partys going on after the boat party? ^^;

Cya there hopefully!

Theres nothing like a good O'furmeet!

 Yeap the meet on the 15th rocked! shame i got a headache half way though it but nothing epicly bad, the fursuit was was a great sucess, quite a few suiters might i add and it was great, have not suited like this for a good while now! As always, Thnx Raz for helping me out. Met some new furs too which is always a good thing, also both of them are good suiters which is great :)

After the meet we all just stood outside talking saying our goodbyes ect then divided out in groups to where ever, Few of us went to Subway and sat out on the wall Om noming and chatting like normal then we headed home. Way home was intresting as me and Ashpup just stood waiting for the train talking about Clear sky blowouts and just clear sky in general.... god i want it now.. Thnx Ash ^^;

Ill finish this up later. Drawing it waaaay to close to the train times... ^^:

Txt meh, Tuesdays = borning as hell
So as many of you know, i broke my phone.. well the cam anyway. Completely shattered the lense, it was rather lol but whatever ^^

So after about a week of doing it i thought 'd take it to get it repaired, they asked like 101 questions like "Which pocket was it in" "where did it happened" "what was you doing before it happened?" "What did you do after it happened?" "how deep are your pockets?" "was there anything else in your pockets" Grrr anyway after like 70 mins of answering all these kinda pointless questions they say "Sorry we can not cover you on your insurance" 

Why do you ask?

Cause i didn't report it 12 hours after it happening, Funny they didn't mention that when i signed up for it. So they said i could either buy a phone at the same level or better then mine on PAYG or get it repaired myself. Now it would cost £70-120 alone for the cam and the fireware on the phone.. its just gone to hell, and updating it isnt working. Sooooooo......... Orange are just trying to get money outta ya!

But alast! something happened which was possitive and didn't make me wanna go own store clerks (Sorry!).

Went and bought myself a nice new 22" Acer Widescreen HD Monitor. Very very sexy design and works... works sooooo fine its orgasmic! 1680x1050 Res is just win! and the image you get outta it... oh my lawd!

So atleast something happened right!
Then again the neon in my pc has kinda.... i dunno dimmed? its weird i might of wired it wrong or something when installing the new 360gb hdd in my pc. Or the new hdd and monitor could be drawing that much power... which i doubt cause its a 700w psu, an issue i will solve tomorrow!

As for now i shall be drifting off into a nice long sleep.. well till 11:15am anyway then i got college, Woo i think :3

Peace out my darlings! xx

Spraying my netbook for a furry design!

Yes i got a little netbook, its kick ass and i love it to bits...


Intel atom - 2.something ghz
1024mb ram ( ill upgrade later on)
80gb SSD hdd
10" screen

And the thing is tiny, it weights like 1kg

Only thing is, the top lid is scratchable... rather easy and it was all scruffed up so i had an random idea to spray it and put some paw print on it. Normally i think of this stuff, wanna do it and just pass on the idea of ruining a £300 netbook... but here i am. Raz came down yestoday and we went out and have funs and lol's like normal, found the best drink on earth and is sold in the UK!!! Sorry cant tell ya where :P

Anyway came back here and went back out and go out black and crome spray paint, masking tape, knifes and sandpaper... yes im going though with it.. right now my netbook is sitting outside on the glass table with a fail coat of black on it, i fail at painting... really fail. But i guess after the next coat it wont look too bad, just hope none has leaked onto the parts i dont want sprayed.

Nao, off to find a template for a paw print! xD

Oh and RBW coming up, boooya :3


 Ok so RBW is like... ocming up (lost count)

Now i got a choise here, i got the money and everything.. alittle bit over the payment time for my ticket but ill get that sorted, and got no hotel room with no one to room with. Should i go RBW?

Yes, no, maybe so?

Oh and also, cause my payment for silve rdidnt go full though aparently (Wtf?) im over my payment time or something, paymeny due time..blah so does this mean i wont get on the boat party? D:

2 weeks of freedom!

2 weeks of college and work, how kick ass is that! :D

Tho i'm prob gonna be finding myself working alot of the time to get to RBW and possibly drag Kimi as well if i can, Plus i really wanna go >.< 

So what have i been up to today... sitting at home after work watching youtube and.... thats about it. Oh and playing loud music xD, i got this new sub which is pretty cheapish but ok for the money but with this soundcard and drivers... it puts out so much bass its insane. It infact shakes stuff off my desk its that insane... really its knocked off a glass of can of drink about 3 times now lol.

So yeah Saturday was fun, went down to see Kimi <3 and went to the movies, chilled and stuff. Was fun ^^
Saw "The House Bunny" Which is about this bunni who got kicked out the house (wont ruin it for ya dont worry) and now has to find her own way of life... she could work for me if she wanted too ^.^

Anyway plans for this week:

Monday, work
Tues - Fri, Nothing planned so hit me up if theres anything going on!
Sat, LFM
Sun, Work

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Paws..his..his ALIVE! Uh oh :P

Omg im not dead! tho i feel it right now!

Anyway so much has happened within the last how every long its been since i last posted.. my excuse is i kinda forgot about LJ since AC... Sorry about that ^.^;

So i won't kill you all of bordom and tell you, cause 1 i dont wanna kill you and 2 i would rather not type much today.

So Friday i get a text in college Razak asking if i wanted to go to Wales cause i was completely free this weekend and cause he is just generally awesome! Anyway after texting, missing the train home and waiting 30 mins i got home had a shower and he arrived at my place to pick me up and we set off to Wales!
There was a metric fuck ton of traffic and about a billion broken down car on the hard sholder for some reason, anyway after clawing in traffic we met up with Murt and his pal with the sexy 300zx and got chatting for abit but cause me and Raz was already like 4 hours late we had to get outta there. Finally go to Wales and bought some booze from tesco with Leon and went back to his flat and just drunk and finally fell asleep at like 6am..

Right we woke up around 9am by Leons flat mate walking into the lounge saying "WHAT THE FUCK" being as Me, Raz and Leon was just passed flat out on the sofas, i was already awake and trying not to laugh. That day we just fooled about and stuff and soon came Sunday! We went out to this Rock nightclub called Fuel Dan a guy from Liverpool (:P) came with us and just got utterly drunk on shots and all sorts, i cant even remember half the night! But one of the highlights of the night was when me and Razak went upstairs for air cause we was just hammered and we was talking about something.. and all of a sudden this random drunk dude somehow walks right into the back of this parked car and rolled off into the road!!!
Somehow he managed to like faceplant the back of the car. Too funny me and Raz was laughing at it for ages.. we still are really!

Next day either of us 4 could move.. we was all just flat out dead till ike 4pm, i can no longer feel my right arm.. its just numb dead but somehow hurts too.. god knows what i did to it!

This is one big ass post so i think im gonna leave it at that, so no im not dead im more alive then ever and loving it! So expect to find more posts soon! Oh and yes i just noticed theres like a metric ton of spelling errors but i am typing one handed so give me some credit for not messing the whole post up ^^

Luv ya's! <3
Yes Raz you too ^.^

Oh snap...

5 cans of Redbull, £6
Packet of Prop plus, £2.55
Extra bottle of Acid green UV coolent, £7
Finding out you have been spending countless hours uploading over 1TB of data files to the wrong server, Priceless.

Word of the day, PHAIL!!!

Ballocks =>.<=

Here i am yet to hit you guys up with another dosage of what goes on in my world xD

Today i manged to stab myself in the hand with a small, rusty.. kinda blunt knife.. lesson was: Never try to strip a thick wire with a crappy knife, it ends up in you failing and stabbing yourself or you winning and doing it again then later on stabbing yourself >.>
Also, the tooth i was complaining about like a while back (I ranted somewhere on here at some point) has some how.. fucked up. Heres the down low.

Tooth that didn't need filling gains a filling (It was fine)
Tooth with filling hurts
Filling comes out...
Tooth majorly hurts enough for me to take like x3 the doseage of painkillers! (Codine)
Tooth is filled again
Tooth cracks and half comes out
Filling decays (somehow, maybe too much exposer to fresh air where it was ment to be consealed or something?)
(Today) Filling comes out!

So atm im left with like 1/4th of a tooth, if i feel it from the back (inside month wise) it feels normal just like another tooth cause that part is still remaining.. but the rest is gone, All my teeth was fine till i chewed something at school and caused a little chip. Even then i went for a checkup on it and they did like 3 fillings and all sorts of shit i didn't need which just racked up the bill to like £700, made me fill like total crap for the next 2 months and leave me with all these problems that unfolded in the future.
And there we have my story on why i hate dentists, long side the drilling and injections and *shivers* God damn >.<

Other then that everything is good, got a 360 again, bought everything for AC (Clothes, bags, all that crap), AC nearing, Feeling rather fine, changing diet (Something more healthy). Yeah everything is going goodish which makes a change! =3

Being as im gonna be off soon for AC, hit me up if ya gonna be going and wanna meet up or if you want me to see if i can bring you something back or if you wanna give me tons and tons of spending muniz or something! (last one was a jk btw)
Oh and if you wanna add me on XBL add me as Ze Paws. I got pently of games and always playing =)